How to look younger? 8 simple ways

It’s so obvious that everyone wants to look younger and vibrant forever. Is looking younger than your age so simple? No, it’s not! You can’t have everything that you want. But there are some basic lifestyle rules & hacks which may help you in achieving what you want.

As per my experience, these are some simple ways to look younger –

1) Daily workout: Bad health can lead to several diseases. You will lose your charm if you are sick. Daily workout will help in fighting with any diseases and will keep your body in shape. Do whatever you like – Running, Gyming, Yoga, cycling etc but do it regularly. 

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2) Keep short hair & clean Shaven: “A schoolboy look” suits almost everyone, a hack which will help you look younger than your age.

3) Eat less & stay hydrated: Eating less and healthy will keep a check on your weight. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated so that it can stand tall much further. That’s the key not only to look younger but also to live a stress-free life.

4) Select proper clothing: The selection of your clothing plays an important role. You look younger & vibrant if you wear bright, fitted and casual clothes. Try it out, you’ll feel the difference yourself.

5) Cover your grey hair: Yes, it’s very important to cover your greys –  A hack to look younger 🙂

6) Get proper sleep: Proper sleep helps your body function efficiently. It keeps your immune system in line, decreases stress, improves your memory & regulates your blood sugar. Clearly all these things will make you look younger & healthier in the long run.

7) Learn cosmetic hacks: Learn to cover your wrinkles, dark spots & acne. You can do it with makeup or cosmetic surgeries. 

8) Attitude: Feel young to look young – that’s the most important thing. The more you feel from within, the better you appear.

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